Join our scuba diving in La Jolla, exploring San Diego’s magical kelp forest. Teaming with fish, seals and sea lions, the La Jolla area is a scuba diving dream!

Each morning we offer two tank guided scuba tous at the La Jolla Cove inlet of the amazing La Jolla protected marine sanctuary.

8:00 am 2-Tank Daily Group Diving

Dive 1: Giant Kelp Forest. You will descend into a wonderland of underwater life. Sunlight beams through the underwater kelp creating spectacular views of a variety critters. With lobster, crabs and beautiful schools of fish always present the seasons can bring other ocean visitors to this special area. Keep an eye out for dolphins, rays and even a variety of sharks.

Dive 2: Rocky Reef. Along the La Jolla Cove cliffs, you can scuba where the sea lions love to play. This is your chance to share the ocean with these amazing creatures as well as an array of colorful fish.

Pricing: 2-tank tour (dive 1 & 2): $220*
* price includes guide scuba tour & all dive rental gear (you need no equipment).

Required: Open Water Diver certification.

Reservations Call: 858-539-0054

Scuba Tours Available: June to September.

Try our La Jolla Cove snorkeling excursions! Available Year-Round.

Night Dive Excursions

Night diving trips in La Jolla.

It’s the diving when the sun goes down and the creepy ocean critters come out that is really fun. Huge shrimp, rays and even sharks might pop out of the dark to great you. Get ready for the ultimate adrenaline experience.

Our one tank night diving tour typically starts 30 minutes after sunset. All night experiences are at the La Jolla shores site. Are you advanced certified? Then call us for more details on our exciting night scuba dive.

Pricing: (1-tank): $195*

Scuba Tours Available: June to September.

Required: Advanced Open Water Diver certification

Non-certified diving experience

Try scuba non-certified experience.Have you always wanted to try to scuba dive? This is the place for a fun and safe lesson. Our instructors will get you into the bay in full gear to learn the basic skills.

Get an up-close look at the amazing underwater world of California! Swim with sardines. See colorful fish or cute little lobsters. Maybe even get a visit from a sea lion. Participants must be at least 18 years of age and have good swimming skills. Are you visiting San Diego and looking for an adventure? Give us a call!

Scuba Tours Available:
June to September.

Pricing: Non-certified guided scuba dive (1-tank): $295*
* Minimum of 2 participants required to schedule.

Private Scuba Tours

Private scuba tours in San Diego.Enjoy diving the beautiful La Jolla Cove or at the shores underwater canyon on a private guided tour with your family or small group. Whether you’re a newer diver in need of some special attention or a family looking for some quality time, our PADI instructors have you covered. All of our dives are in the amazing area of the ecological reserve.

An stunning underwater marine reserve where you can swim with large schools of fish. If you want to scuba dive with tons of sea life, San Diego is the place! One or two tank excursions available.

Private Pricing: Call us with diving group size.

Scuba Tours Available: June to September.

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