Scuba diving in San Diego near La Jolla cliffs.

7 Great Sites for Scuba Diving in San Diego

List of the top scuba diving spots in San Diego.

1. Rock Pile

Huge rock reef a quarter mile from shore. Sevengill, tope and blue sharks. Look for giant spined stars, encrusting sponges and urchins.

2. Boomers’ Walls

Dramatic underwater walls and channels create a favorite spot for harbor seals. You can find keyhole limpets, large barnacles and red abalone.

3. Sea Cliffs & Caves

Boulders cover the ocean floor at the base of enormous sandstone cliffs. Hundreds of mackerel, señoritas, and sardines swim at depths of 5 to 15 feet.

4. Northern Kelp Beds

Feather boa and giant kelp dominate this deepwater site. You can see yellowtail, opaleye, white seabass, and top smelt.

5. La Jolla Shores

Features a flat sand bottom that descends to a steep drop-off. Enjoy mantis shrimp, octopus, sheep crabs, and even colorful Spanish shawl.

6. South Submarine Canyon

The southern end of the canyon wall starting at depths near 40 feet. Market squid, jellyfish, lobster, and angelsharks are often present.

7. Marine Room Reefs

Shallow eelgrass covered reef with horn and leopard sharks. Watch for stingrays, halibut, flounder, and bat rays.