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Scuba San Diego

Scuba La Jolla Cove. When in San Diego Scuba La Jolla Cove San Diego Diving offers the most beautiful beach diving spots in Southern California and diving La Jolla Cove is the most amazing of all dive sites. Join our experienced PADI scuba guides for an incredible scuba dive adventure in the La Jolla Cove Ecological Underwater Park.
Get up close to beautiful Girabaldi, Sheephead, lobster, colorful starfish, crabs, amazing rays, perch, sardines, giant sea bass, leopard sharks, seals and sea lions, seals and incredible dolphin sightings. Go Scuba San Diego Today.

scuba adventures

Snorkeling San Diego

Snorkeling in La Jolla Cove. Snorkeling is every San Diego vacation favorite family activity. Guided La Jolla Cove Snorkeling Tours of the Ecological Underwater Park is #1 on any visitors San Diego things to do activities list. Snorkel San Diego Scuba will show your family that the best things to do San Diego are the Zoo, Sea World and getting up close to the world under San Diego’s ocean on a Tour Snorkeling La Jolla Cove. Swim with the beautiful Girabaldi and Sheephead. See lobster, colorful starfish, crabs, amazing rays, perch, sardines then look up to see sea lions, seals while dolphins swim along. Go Snorkeling San Diego today.

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Private Scuba Classes

Private San Diego scuba diving instruction. Your own PADI private scuba instructors will teach you’re beginning private lessons around your schedule.

If the luxury of a private scuba class is what you are seeking call California’s premier private scuba instructors and start diving today. Get ready to dive the exotic dive sites of the world or right here along the beautiful California coast.

Certification in as few as 4 days.

Schedule your private Scuba San Diego class today.

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