La Jolla Cove Tour

Snorkeling in La Jolla Cove.The most beautiful snorkeling area in San Diego is at the La Jolla Cove and sea caves.

Snorkel with schools of colorful of fish. Possibly swim with a sea lion. Check out the octopus, lobster and a variety of crabs hiding among the rocky reefs. Some days there may be pods of dolphins passing in the distance.

Snorkeling along the majestic sea cliffs in San Diego offers amazing marine life encounters and a chance to explore La Jolla’s giant ocean caves.

Tour Price

Price per participant: $70

Price includes: guided group tour & use of all gear, even wetsuits!

Reservations Call: 858-539-0054

What are the tours like?

All snorkel tours take place at the La Jolla Cove area of San Diego’s ecological reserve. First, we provide you with easy fitting gear. Then, after some simple instructions from our guides, the tours enter the Pacific. Entry is from a small beach at the base of the stunning cliffs. Our tour leaders will then guide the groups on an amazing adventure. Filled with life, stunning views of the rugged coastline and lots of fun!

This area is where the sea lions love to swim and play. many days these beautiful creatures will jump in the water, often swimming near participants. The babies are especially curious. Snorkeling along La Jolla’s sea cliffs offers everyone a chance to explore the famous sea caves area.

What type of critters will we see?

San Diego has an incredible variety of marine life. Huge schools of fish, green turtles, and seals make their home near La Jolla Cove. Look close and you may find a stingray. The cliffs lead the way to the stunning ocean caverns. On calm days groups even explore one of the giant caves! Seasonal migrations can bring a various sharks, jellyfish and even dolphins. Gray and blue whales are often seen breaching close to the shoreline.

What time of year is best to snorkel?

We offer snorkeling tours all year round. Wetsuits are always provided, with thicker wetsuits offered during the cooler winter months.

Leopard Sharks Experience

Leopard sharks snorkel experience.La Jolla offers is a great opportunity to try snorkeling with leopard sharks. These creatures have a beautiful leopard print. They are quite docile and are usually found close to the water’s edge. There is quite a bit of shallow water in the area. This activity is great for the whole family. Sharing the ocean with this beautiful species is the highlight of many vacations. This tour takes place in a different area than all our other adventures.

Price: $70

Private Group Tour

Private group tour spots a turtle.All private events take place in San Diego. There are two events from which to choose. First, is our world famous La Jolla Cove trips. Second, are the more laid back leopard sharks excursions. Both are exciting for the whole family. Participants can hope to see turtles, rays and lots of schooling fish.

If something more private is on the agenda? Each of our events is available for private groups. A special excursion for your family. Corporate team building. Our professional guides are available to lead your unique snorkeling tour.

Call with group size.

Are you certified? We offer guided scuba diving each morning!
La Jolla Cove.